France trip, June 2006


View from H's hotel in Orsay

This flower was on the wrong side of the tracks

These are the scary gondolas H rode up to a restaurant in the mountains around Grenoble

Views from the restaurant

A young professor friend of H's wanted some "scandalous" photos for his website

Everything in the hotel in Grenoble was machine operated - including the toilet paper!

A ski village where we stopped for lunch. H ate a pile of stinky sausage and stinky cheese. N gagged.

The papal palace in Avignon



These crappy little trains were everywhere there were tourists

The papal vineyards. Those popes and their wine..

View from the papal palace

It was blistering out. These poor koi!

Here we are by the papal palace and some misplaced coral

Chateau-neuf du Pape. Wine lover's paradise. Every door is a wine cave.

View from the "Pope's Winetasting Room"

A cool old wall

The beautiful French countryside

...and now back to the wall...

...sittin' in a tree...

Frederic and N inspect the Pope's private stash

Frederic checks the map in Marseille. There was sun like we've never seen before

A cool old castle in Marseille

The blue was surreal!

Zoom in: supposedly this castle was where The Count of Monte Cristo took place

I like boats

Frederic and N, possibly laughing at H

These houses were built into a marina with access only by foot. Very cool

...And this one was built into the side of a bridge!

This is a cathedral at the highest point in Marseille... which we climbed to

This was part of the staircase

Views of Marseille from the cathedral

The three stooges and an apparently drunk photographer

French Leapfrog: market research. Evidently we were not able to write off the trip as a business expense.

Olive oil country. Evidently tourists like the cicadas

Yet more stairs...

Quite possibly the oldest door we've ever seen

This village even had olive oil tasting!

Frederic finds a place to get a nice view - without paying an entrance fee for the castle

You can almost smell it!

Nicky dutifully reapplies sunscreen next to an expensive old castle we didn't get to see. The gift shop had lots of fake medieval crap.